Virtual Course: Facial Skin Care

Virtual Course: Facial Skin Care


1 Day Course 


A luxurious treatment for all skin types. You will cover cleansing, exfoliating, applying face masks, toning, moisturising and facial massage. On completion of the course you will be able to identify skin types and skin conditions and make recommendations for skin care regimes.



No previous experience is required to attend this course.


Once the course is booked you will receive a confirmation email. Followed by another email containing a health and safety document and a Theory and guidance document. You are required to read through both documents and complete the attached assessments for both. Once you have passed these assessments you will have a demonstration, this will be via a short video or maybe live depending on the courses chosen. You will then have up to two weeks to practice and iron out any concerns you may have, we are always here to help you. For your final assessment, a live model is required.